The Composer Glinka

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The Composer Glinka
(Kompozitor Glinka)
The Composer Glinka.jpg
Directed by Grigori Aleksandrov
Starring Boris Smirnov
Lev Durasov
Lyubov Orlova
Yuri Lyubimov
Georgy Vitsin
Music by Vladimir Shcherbachov
Vissarion Shebalin
Cinematography Eduard Tisse
Release date
  • 1952 (1952)
Country Soviet Union
Language Russian

Kompozitor Glinka (Russian: Композитор Глинка; English literal translation, Composer Glinka; American release title Man of Music) is a 1952 Soviet film directed by Grigori Aleksandrov.


The young composer Mikhail Glinka performs his new work at a soiree at earl Vielgorsky's house. However, the public is accustomed to Western music, and reacts coldly to the creation of the composer. This makes him very sad, but soon he decides to go learn the art of music in Italy.

After returning from Italy, he is full of desire to write national Russian opera. Vasily Zhukovsky proposes a subject: a feat of Ivan Susanin. Tsar Nicholas I change the name of the opera to A Life for the Tsar and assigns a librettist - Baron Rosen. Acquaintance with the future co-author shocked Glinka: Rosen speaks Russian with a noticeable German accent. The premiere was successful, but Glinka was still not entirely happy with the libretto: "False words were written by Rosen".

When Nicholas I learned that Ruslan and Lyudmila was written on Pushkin's subject, he sees it as sedition. The bitter experience of the composer brighten his supporters.


1953 Locarno International Film Festival[1]


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