Komsomolskaya (Antarctic research station)

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For other uses, see Komsomolsky (disambiguation).

Komsomolskaya was a Soviet Antarctic inland research station founded in 1957 in Eastern Antarctica at 74°06' S 97°29' E (Queen Mary Land). It was a year-round station till 1959, then used as a seasonal outpost till 1962 when it was shut down permanently. Nonetheless it is still used as a fuel storage stop for supply caravans en route from Mirny Station to Vostok Station.

The station was located 3500 meters above sea level, and 760 km inland from Mirny Station.

Estonian writer Juhan Smuul spend a week in Komsomolskaya 1958 and described the life and working there in his book "Antarctica Ahoy!: The Ice Book" (originally "Jäine raamat" 1960).

Coordinates: 74°06′S 94°30′E / 74.100°S 94.500°E / -74.100; 94.500