Konakovo Power Station

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Konakovskaya GRES. View from Volga river. 2007

Konakovo Power Station (Konakovskaya GRES) is a GRES (a type of thermal power plant) with a generating capacity of 2520 Megawatt in the town of Konakovo, Tver Oblast, Russia. It was built in 1965 and fully operational at 2400 MW in 1969. The station is powered primarily with natural gas with backup fuel oil option. Two of the three chimneys are used as electricity pylons, they are 180 m high. Third chimney is 250 m high.

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Coordinates: 56°44′35″N 36°46′13″E / 56.74306°N 36.77028°E / 56.74306; 36.77028