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Boat in river Godavari at Kapileswarapuram
Green Paddy Fields near Razole in Konaseema

Konaseema is the delta region in East Godavari District of Coastal Andhra Pradesh, India. Regarded as East Kerala due to its similarities with the Kerala backwaters. It is often termed as "God's Own Creation". It is surrounded by tributaries of the Godavari River and the Bay of Bengal. After crossing Rajahmundry, the Godavari splits into two branches which are called Vriddha Gautami (Gautami Godavari) and Vasishta Godavari. Again the Gautami branch splits into two branches namely Gautami and Nilarevu.

Similarly the Vasishta splits into two branches named Vasishta and Vainateya. These four branches which join the Bay of Bengal at different places, form a delta of length 170 km (110 mi) along the coast of the Bay of Bengal and is called the Konaseema region.

[1] Amalapuram is the major town in Konaseema, other towns are Razole, Ravulapalem, Kothapeta and Mummidivaram,. This region is mostly known for its coconut and paddy fields.[2]

Konaseema region has numerous coconut trees and paddy fields, Konaseema coconuts are exported to various places of India and the price of coconuts is less as the production is more

Field surrounded by Coconut trees

Entrance of Konaseema region has been beautifully decorated, it symbolizes tourists that they are entering green land called Konaseema

The below arch is located in Ravulapalem to Amalapuram route

Entrance to Konaseema region

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Coordinates: 16°34′55″N 82°09′18″E / 16.582°N 82.155°E / 16.582; 82.155