Konawe Regency

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Konawe Regency
Official seal of Konawe Regency
Country Indonesia
Province Southeast Sulawesi
Capital Unaaha
Population (2010 Census)
 • Total 241,428
Time zone WIB (UTC+7)

Konawe is one of the regencies in the province of Southeast Sulawesi, Indonesia. The capital of the regency is Unaaha. The regency was once known as the district of Kendari. The regency had a population of 241,428 at the 2010 Census, but has since been reduced by the separation of the offshore island districts (Wawonii Island) as Konawe Islands Regency in 2013. Konawe is known as the rice granary of the province of Southeast Sulawesi because half of the province's rice production comes from Konawe.


Konawe Regency was established pursuant to Law No 29 of 1959 on the formation of second-level regions in Southeast Sulawesi with the name of Kendari Regency, with the capital being the city of Kendari.

When first established under Law No 6 of 1995 on the Establishment of the Municipality of Kendari (which separated Kendari City from Kendari Regency), Konawe Regency consisted of 19 districts (kecamatan) with 334 villages. Over time, administrative changes led to the changes in the numbers of districts and villages. In 2002 Konawe Regency consisted of 23 districts with 631 villages. Based on Government Regulation No. 26 of 2004, of 28 September 2004, the regency changed its name to Konawe Regency. In 2003, the south part of the regency was formed into a separate South Konawe Regency (Konawe Selatan) covering 11 districts, and subsequently in 2007 the northern districts were likewise split off to form a new North Konawe Regency (Konawe Utara). Finally, in 2013, the 7 districts comprising Wawonii Island were split off to form a new Konawe Islands Regency (Konawe Kapulauan).


Konawe Regency, since the removal of the 7 districts on Wawonii Island to form a new Konawe Islands Regency, is divided into 23 districts (kecamatan), tabulated below with their 2010 Census population.

Name Population
Census 2010[1]
Soropia 7,753
Lalonggasumeeto 4,612
Sampara 11,719
Bondoala 8,199
Besulutu 6,759
Kapoiala 4,063
Lambuya 6,605
Uepai 11,819
Puriala 7,405
Onembute 5,941
Pondidaha 10,437
Wonggeduku 19,817
Amonggedo 9,282
Wawotobi 20,177
Konawe 8,035
Unaaha 22,694
Anggaberi 6,150
Abuki 14,407
Latoma 2,363
Tongauna 15,451
Asinua 2,480
Routa 1,892


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Coordinates: 3°51′12″S 122°03′13″E / 3.85333°S 122.05361°E / -3.85333; 122.05361