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Kiev neighborhood
Dynamo Kyiv training site in Koncha-Zaspa
Dynamo Kyiv training site in Koncha-Zaspa
RegionKiev City
RaionHolosiiv Raion

Koncha-Zaspa (Ukrainian: Конча-Заспа) is a historic neighbourhood in the Holosiiv Raion (district) of the city of Kiev, the capital of Ukraine. It is located in the southern part of the city. In the 1920s the territory was the first state preserve in the Soviet Ukraine.


The general area is located along the Dnieper river and consists mostly of woodland, while its northern part includes the former settlement of Chapayivka (before the 1920s Vita Litovska) which has been part of Kiev since 1957. Among other former settlements are Kozyn and Plyuty.

In Koncha-Zaspa are located several sanatoriums "Koncha-Zaspa", "Zhovten", "Prolisok" as well as the training site of the FC Dynamo Kyiv with a stadium (just outside Chapayivka). Here is located a building of culture "Koncha-Zaspa" and a memorial complex Koncha-Zaspa.

Through the neighborhood runs the Stolychne shose (Capital highway, P01), along which are located numerous elite dachas designated for the local Communist nomenklatura. Before the establishment of the Soviet regime, the area was reserved for a couple of famous Kiev monasteries (Vydubychi and Vveden) as well as the Tsar family.

Famous residents[edit]