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Notes available on a koncovka made in the key of G. Notes played with the end closed are marked with "●", and notes played with the end open are marked with "○".[1]
Nature look koncovka.

Koncovka is a Slovak duct-blown[2] overtone fipple flute without finger holes,[3] traditionally played by shepherds.[4] The koncovka flute is played by closing and opening the bottom hole of the flute.[3] By increasing the air speed, two different harmonic series of notes can be played with the end either open or closed.[5] Traditional koncovka melodies use the partial Lydian scale available on this instrument.[5]

See also[edit]

  • Fujara, another Slovak overtone-based shephards flute
  • Willow flute, a Scandinavian overtone-based folk flute


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