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A depth map of the Onego Lake

The Kondopoga Bay (Russian: Кондопожская губа, Kondopozhskaya Bay) is a bay (length 32 km, width over 8 km, max depth 78m) in the northwestern part of the Karelian part of the Onega Lake, Russia .[1]

View on Lake Onega from space, May 2002
Onego lake.jpg
The numbers denote:
  1. Svirsk Bay
  2. Petrozavodsk Bay and the city Petrozavodsk
  3. Big Onego Bay
  4. Kondopozhskaya Bay
  5. Small Onego Bay
  6. Zaonezhsky Bay
  7. Povenetsky Bay
  8. Kizhi Island
  9. Lake Vodlozero and Vodlozero National Park
  10. Ivinsky Spill and River Svir
  11. Cape Besov Nos ("Devil's nose")
  12. Big Klimenetsky Island

The Kondopoga Bay is deeply carved in the land by glacial process. The upper part of the bay receives about 90% of the waters of the Suna River via the Nigozersky (Kondopozhsky) Canal. The bay also receives waste water, most of which comes from the Kondopoga paper mill.[2]

Kondopoga Bay, 2010

A city of Kondopoga is by the northern tip of the bay.

The bay has numerous rock islands, the largest being Suisari.


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Coordinates: 62°01′18″N 34°35′25″E / 62.0217°N 34.5903°E / 62.0217; 34.5903