Kondyor Massif

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Coordinates: 57°35′N 134°40′E / 57.583°N 134.667°E / 57.583; 134.667

Kondyor Massif viewed from a helicopter
Simulated 3-D view of the Kondyor Massif by ASTER

The Kondyor Massif (горы Кондёр) or Konder[1] is a perfect circular intrusion,[2] about 8 kilometres (5 mi) in diameter, in Khabarovsk Krai, Far Eastern Federal District, Russian Federation, roughly 600 km (373 mi) west-to-southwest of Okhotsk, or some 570 km (354 mi) south-east of Yakutsk. It is reached from Yakutsk by road via Amga. It is an important source of platinum.

Since 1984 Artel starateley «Amur» (part of the Russian Platinum group) develops this unique field of alluvial platinum.

Location within the Lena watershed

Platinum nugget from the Kondyor Massif


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