Kongō Sanmai-in

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one of the Kongo Sanmai-in temples

Kongō Sanmai-in (金剛三昧院, Kongō Sanmai-in) is a minor temple complex on Mount Kōya in Japan, founded in 1211 by order of Hōjō Masako for posthumous soul of Minamoto no Yoritomo and renamed "Kongō Sanmai-in" in 1219 for that of Minamoto no Sanetomo.


The temple houses a hibutsu ("secret Buddha") statue which is generally hidden and displayed for only one day every five hundred years. It will next be on display in the late 2400s.[1]


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Coordinates: 34°12′36.7″N 135°35′13.1″E / 34.210194°N 135.586972°E / 34.210194; 135.586972