Kong Zhou

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Kong Zhou
Traditional Chinese 孔伷
Simplified Chinese 孔伷

Kong Zhou (died c. 190),[1] courtesy name Gongxu (公緒), was a minister who lived in the late Eastern Han Dynasty. A local of Chenliu (陳留; present-day Kaifeng, Henan), he was noted for his skills in qingtan, the philosophical repartee popular among the literati at the time; however, he was not good as a military leader.

During the 160s, Kong Zhou was recommended by Fu Rong (符融) to the Chenliu Administrator Feng Dai (馮岱) and made Reporting Officer.[1] Around 190, Kong Zhou was appointed as Inspector of Yu Province (豫州刺史) by Dong Zhuo, but turned against him to join the coalition force during the campaign against Dong Zhuo. He died not long after this, and his coalition colleague Yuan Shu took over his position.[2]

Appointments and titles held[edit]

  • Inspector of Yu Province (豫州刺史)

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Preceded by
Inspector of Yu Province
c. 190
Succeeded by
Sun Jian
as Yuan Shu's candidate
Succeeded by
Zhou Yu (Renming)
as Yuan Shao's candidate