Kongde Ri

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Kongde Ri
Kongde Ri massive.JPG
Highest point
Elevation 6,187 m (20,299 ft) [1]
Prominence 517 metres (1,696 ft)
Coordinates 27°48′N 86°37′E / 27.800°N 86.617°E / 27.800; 86.617Coordinates: 27°48′N 86°37′E / 27.800°N 86.617°E / 27.800; 86.617[1]
Kongde Ri is located in Nepal
Kongde Ri
Kongde Ri
Location in Nepal
Location Khumbu, Nepal
Parent range Lumding Himal
First ascent East Peak ascended in 1973 by a German team [2]
Easiest route rock/snow climb
Kongde Ri viewed from Namche

Kongde Ri (sometimes Kwangde Ri) is a mountain in the Himalaya of eastern Nepal. The mountain is located four km west of Namche Bazaar.

The mountain is classified as a trekking peak, but it is considered one of the more difficult to climb. A climbing permit costs $350 USD for up to 4 climbers.[3]


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