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Kongeegen in March 2008

Kongeegen (the King Oak) is a renowned oak tree in Denmark. It grows in Jægerspris Nordskov (Jægerspris North Forest) near Jægerspris, on the island of Sjælland.[1] A scientific investigation in 1965 of the tree's rings indicated that the tree has an estimated age of 1450–1900 years, and may well be the oldest living oak in northern Europe.[2] It probably originally grew in an open meadow,[3] to account for its short trunk and low branching, with other taller forest trees growing up around it subsequently. The taller trees around it are now shading it and slowly killing it.[citation needed] Kongeegen is located in the same forest as Snoegen and Storkeegen.

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Coordinates: 55°54′37″N 11°59′21″E / 55.91028°N 11.98917°E / 55.91028; 11.98917