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Kongeparken entrance in 2007
LocationÅlgård, Norway
Opened16 May 1986 (1986-05-16)
Mid-2005 Kongeparken overview

Coordinates: 58°46′43″N 5°50′26″E / 58.77861°N 5.84056°E / 58.77861; 5.84056 Kongeparken (lit. The King's park) is an amusement park in the village Ålgård, near Stavanger, Norway. Kongeparken is the biggest amusement park in the southwest of Norway and Rogaland's biggest tourist attraction.[1] The park offers over 60 different rides and adventures for the entire family[2] and has been awarded several times for good service and innovative attractions.[3]


Kongeparken was opened by Gabriel Ålgård May 16, 1986, and was intended to be a park with outdoor activities such as BMX, roller-skating, arcades, golfing etc. The building came to a total of 220 Million Norwegian Kroner. Kongeparken had over 200 000 visitors opening year, but already in July 1986 the park was bankrupt. In 1997 the park was bought by its current owners, the Lund-family, who has over a hundred years experience through Lunds Tivoli. The park is owned and operated by Rogaland Fritidspark AS. The son of Bjoern and Veslemoey Lund, Haakon, is the leader of the park today. The Lund-family did some major changes in the park, such as adding new concepts and put a larger focus on activities. After years of toil, the family was able to reverse the trend of few visitors in the park.[4]

Theme park: Bears[edit]

The Lund-family gave Kongeparken the theme of bears. They were the first in Europe to import teddybears from America, and started the import in the late 1800. Kongeparken is the only amusement park in the world that holds the theme of bears. In 1997 the bears Brumle and Brumleline moved into the park. The King and the Queen of Bears lives in the castle of Kongeparken. In the castle you'll find one of the biggest rides in the park – a roller coaster with spinning gondolas.

The park has a BearBotel where your teddybear can check in for a spa treatment, while you enjoy the park.

Brumle, Brumleline, the King and the Queen of Bears, The Bie Queen, Pysjamas, Tranbamsen, Storm and the Icebear is some of the bears you can meet in the park. In the Freia theater you can watch the bears of BrumleBand or make chocolate with the bears in the Chocolate Factory.

Rides and adventures[edit]

Kongeparken has over 50 rides and adventures besides the restaurants and the other things you expect to find in an amusement park. The park has an expansive renewal program and introduces new rides every year. In 2013 the waterride "Fossen" was introduced – which has been the biggest news since the parks opening in 1986.[5]

Kongeparken is an amusement park aimed at children between 3–12 years, but also offers adventures for children of all ages, the focus is on the family. As a guest you can sled down Norway's longest (1000 meter) bobsleigh track, learn about and make your own chocolate in Freia's Magical Chocolate Factory or lend a digital 2D or 3D camera. In the Children's fire station the children can learn about fire safety, drive the fire trucks and help put out a fire. After finishing they graduate as fire inspectors.[6] In 2013 the waterride "Fossen" (The waterfall) was added, this is an experience for the whole family.[7] The park is full of exciting rides for the entire family.[8]

Christmas in Kongeparken[edit]

Jul i Kongeparken (Christmas in Kongeparken) is an event happening on selected dates in November and December. Kongeparken focuses on a good old traditional Christmas celebration with decorations of fairy lights, Christmas trees, you can meet the elves and sing carols. The entire family can participate in the many activities and workshops on offer.[9]

Attractions and rides[edit]

Opened Name Type Height Limit Status Information Producer
1986 Ormen Lange (The Long Serpent) Bobsleigh 140 cm (90 cm with adult) Renewed 2007 The bobsleigh Ormen Lange is 1000 meter long, making it the longest Bobsleigh in Norway. Wiegand, Germany
1986 Gulliver Climbing structure No limit Was given away in 2013 A themed climbing structure, built in the shape of Gulliver the giant. Hags, Sweden
1986 Kapteinskolen (The School of Captains) Motorized boats 140 cm (90 cm with adult) Currently in use Motorized boats, the children can drive themselves. Engine; Honda, boat; Foster, both from the US.
Before 1997 Plogen (The Plow) Bumpercars 130 cm (90 cm with adult) Sold to Sweden in 2011 Traditional bumbercars Preston & Barbieri, Italy
Before 1997 Gårdsskyting (The Farm shooting) Game No limit Renewed in 2010 A shooting game, with a farm theme. Tornado, UK
Before 1997 Zyklon Roller coaster Removed, sold to France A transportable roller coaster. Pinfari, Italy
Before 1997 Dyrene i Afrika (The Animals of Africa) Carousel No limit Currently in use Rotating animals and vehicles, suitable for all ages. S&W, UK
Before 1997 Gravemaskinene (The Excavators) Mini excavators No limit Currently in use, renewed in 2011 Mini excavators for children and adults. Norway
1997 Grizzly Roller coaster, model ZL42 Removed in 1999 A transportable roller coaster with a loop. Pinfari, Italia
1997 Kakaokoppene (The Cocoacups) Carousel No limit Currently in use Rotating cocoa cups. S&W, UK
1997 Brumletoget (The Bear Train) Mini railway No limit Currently in use A miniature train, with carriages for the children. This was the first attraction bought by the Lund family for the opening of the park in 1997. Zamperla, Italy
1997 Bjørneløypa (The Bear Track) Gocart track 90 cm, max 140 cm Currently in use A gocart track where the children can drive for themselves. Formula K
1997 Humla (The Bumblebee) Carousel 120 cm Currently in use Norway's largest carousel, originally moved from Alton Towers. HUSS Park Attractions, Germany
1997 Marihøna (The Ladybug) Carousel No limit Currently in use Colourful carousel for all ages. Zamperla, Italy
1997 Ballongen (The Balloon) Carousel No limit Removed 2011 Children's ride with colourful balloons. Zamperla, Italy
1998 Freia Sjokoladefabrikk (The Chocolate Factory) Interactive show 90 cm, max 12 years Currently in use, shows throughout the day in the openinghours of the park. The Chocolate Factory: A small chocolate factory, only for children. The children learn about chocolate, its origin, and how it is produced. They get to make their own chocolate to enjoy. Adults can attend the last show of the day. Free tickets in the Bamsebotell in the park. Kongeparken, Norway
1998 Svalbard Ekspressen (The Svalbard Express) Roller coaster 90 cm Currently in use. The first themed roller coaster in Norway. Vekoma, Netherlands
1999 Roller Coaster Zyklon Removed in 2001 A transportable roller coaster Pinfari, Italy
2000 Bamsebotell (The Teddy Bear Hotel) A teddybear hotel No limit Currently in use A hotel where the teddybears can relax and enjoy while visiting the park. Kongeparken, Norway
2001 Grizzly 2 Zyklon ZL 42 Removed in 2003 A transportable rollercoaster, with a loop. Pinfari, Italy
2001 Kongeraften (The King's Rafting) Waterslide 130 cm, 90 cm with adults, max 110 kg Currently in use Waterslide where guests sit in a boat down the ride, it is possible to be two people in one boat. Metabau, Germany
2002 MegaSplash (The Big Splash) A jumping boat 140 cm, 90 cm with adult Currently in use A boat that is thrown ut in the air and lands in the water. Heege, Germany
2002 Stjerneskudd (The Shooting Star) A free fall bungy Only in use for the 2002 season In a bungy, two people are dropped in free fall. Fabri, Italy
2002 BrumleBand (The Bear Band) A teddybear show No limit Currently in use A teddybear show for the children. Here you meet the local bear Bjørnulf, the singer Ferdinand, the Paris-madam Mimi, the explorer Ranja and The hotel manager Bastian. Norway
2003 Fabeldyrene (The Fairytale Animals) Carousel 90 cm, max 12 years Removed 2013 Made by the artist Oscar Wiese for the 2003 EXPO in Switzerland. Doppelmayr, Switzerland
2003 Svanesjøen (The Swan Lake) Pedal boats shaped like swans Removed in 2007 Swanshaped boats for the guests to enjoy the waterside.
2003 Luftskipet (The Airship) Carousel 90 cm Currently in use Norway's tallest carousel, which stretches 32 meters in the air Sanoyas Hishino Meisho, Japan
2004 Helspinn (The Full Spinn) Carousel 90 cm Currently in use Spinning cups, where you can decide what speed to rotate. Originally from Sanoyas Hishino Meisho, Japan, bought in France.
2004 Fuji Smil Med Meg (Fuji Smile With Me) Free 3D camera rental No limit Currently in use Free use of 3D cameras from Fuji, the ability to obtain images digitally, or printed directly in the park. Partnership between Kongeparken and Fujifilm Norway
2004 Lag en venn (Make a Friend) Build a bear No limit Currently in use Make yourself a friend, a teddy bear or soft toy, children can decide whether it should be hard or soft, large or small, clothing, eye color and much more. A big heart and a personal birth certificate is also included. Developed by Kongeparken
2005 Storm (The Storm) Tilt a whirl ride 120 cm, 90 cm with adult Currently in use Spinning shells placed in the water, themed around Captain Storms sinking ship.

bought in France.

Originally from Sanoyas Hishino Meisho, Japan, bought in France together with Helspinn.
2005 Redningssentralen (The Rescue Center) Cable car 125 cm, max 100 kg Currently in use Cable car where you are thrown out over the pond. Heege, Germany
2005 Borte Vekk (The Long Gone) Climbing structure No limit Currently in use Climbing structure and playground for the children. Haags
2006 Nordavinden (The North Wind) Gravitron-Starship 125 cm Currently in use Themed around the story of the boy who went to the North Wind to regain his flour. The guests are exposed to 2G, and everything happens in a tremendous speed.[10] Kongeparken, ARM (Wisdom Rides [11])
2007 Høydeskrekk (Scared of heights) Climbing trail 130 cm, max 100 kg Currently in use Climbing Trail running up to 13 meters above the ground. Children and adults can challenge themselves and climb through the suspension bridges and go walk on lines. One of a kind in northern Europe. Kongeparken
2007 Redningsskøyta (The Rescue Ship) Carousel 130 cm, 100 cm with adult Currently in use Themed carousel, fits 2 people, the passenger can steer the boat while the carousel goes around. Zierer, Germany
2008 Bukkerittet (The Buck Ride) Spinning Mouse, Rollercoaster with rotating gondolas [12] 120 cm Currently in use Themed roller coaster with spinning gondolas, this is unprecedented in Norway. Can attain a speed of about 70 km / h and the guests are exposed to nearly 2.5 G. Reverchon Industries,France.
2008 Bamsehulene (The Bear Caves) Play area for the children, outside No limit Currently in use First launched as Growing up green in 2008, during Stavanger as the European Capital of Culture project in 2008.[13] Kongeparken and landscape architecture students from all over Europe[14]
2009 Vepsen (The Wasp) Boomerang, original Frisbee (ride), Pendulum ride 130 cm Currently in use A pendulum type attraction where both the gondola and shuttle goes around, 360 degree rotation, 15 meters above the ground, 3.5 G. Fabbri Group, Italy
2009 Lorta-Lars[15] Animated person who tells the local dialect No limit Currently in use Lorta-Lars is situated in the front of Jærgården. His monologues are written by the Jæren author Tobias Skretting, and the voice is borrowed from Ingar Lode. Kongeparken, Norway
2010 Tiltetårnet (The Tilt Tower) Tilt tower [16] 125 cm, 110 cm with adults Currently in use Tilt Tower where you get shot in the air and dropped down again. The first of its kind in Scandinavia. ABC Rides, Switzerland
2010 Sverd i Sten (Sword in the Stone) Interactive show, outdoors No limit Currently in use One of a kind attraction, pull out the sword from the stone and you'll be king for a day. Kongeparken
2010 Kongen på haugen (The King on the Hill) A climbing mountain for children No limit Currently in use Climbingmountain built over the restaurant Den Glade Rustning Metabau, Germany
2011 Barnas Brannstasjon (The Children's Fire Station) Interactive show 90 cm, max 12 years Currently in use The Children's Fire Station: Interactive show where kids learn fire safety in the home and can attempt to put out a fire, the attraction was awarded the THEA awards in 2011, for the world's best attraction with a limited budget.[17] Concept and production developed by Kongeparken. Other suppliers: Metallbau Emmeln, GW Group, Visiual Terrain, Kool Fog, Sigma Services & Alcorn McBride Kongeparken
2011 Bamsespinn (The Bearspinn) Carousel No limit Currently in use Original name: The Bear Affair, spinning, giant Bears, suitable for everyone. Sellner Manufacturing, US
2011 Brannbåtene (The Fireboats) Remote controlled boats No limit New in 2011 Themed as fire boats, remote controlled, launched together with the Children's Fire Station in 2011. Tornado
2011 Kræsjebilene (The Crashcars) Bumbercars 130 cm, 90 cm with adult Replaced Plogen in 2011 Themed bumper cars, designed specifically for Kongeparken. Design of cars and houses by Kongeparken
2012 Spinnvidle (The Crazy Spinner) Swing ride 120 cm, 100 cm with adult Currently in use First swing ride in Norway with double seating. Zierer, Germany[18]
2013 Fossen (The Waterfall) Log flume (ride) 140 cm, 90 cm with adult Currently in use First of its kind in Scandinavia, with gondolas shaped like bathtubs. A 4 minutes long water ride where you get really wet if you sit in the wrong place in the bathtub. Here it goes forwards and backwards down wild rapids[19] Kongeparken, ride structure: ABC Engineering[20]

Source: Kongparken, Errors might occur.

Awards and Criticism[edit]

Kongeparken has won a lot of awards, both local, national and international.

  • In 2012: The Children's Fire Station (Barnas Brannsasjon) won the THEA Awards for best new attraction!.[21]
  • In 2012 Kongeparken got top score (6/6) by the Norwegian newspaper VG.
  • In 2011 Kongeparken got top score (6/6) by the Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet.[22]
  • In 2010 Kongeparken was the biggest attraction in Rogalands, Norway, with 215 303 visitors.
  • In 2009 and 2010 Kongeparken got a score of 5/6 by the Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet.
  • In 2008: Kongeparken was named one of the two best amusement parks in Norway by the national newspaper Dagbladet.
  • In 2006: Spirit Award for the best leadership training program. The prize is awarded in the U.S.[23]
  • In 2005: Rogaland Travel Award.[24]
  • In 2004: Brass Ring Award for best print advertising in a park with 250 000 visitors. The prize is awarded in the U.S.[25]
  • Pony Award. The prize is awarded in Italy.


1986: 215.000 visitors

1997: 40.000 visitors

2009: 199.451 visitors

2010: 215.203 visitors

2011: 203.673 visitors

2012: 213.365 visitors

2013: 230.434 visitors[26]

2014: 254.629 visitors

2015: 259.113 visitors

2016: 251.340 visitors

2017: 246.313 visitors

2018: 248.467 visitors


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