Koni Store

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Koni Store
Industry Restaurants
Founded Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (2006)
Headquarters Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Products Japanese food;Fast Food
Website www.konistore.com.br, www.konistore.pt

Koni Store is a Brazilian chain of Japanese food headquartered in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Its restaurants sell popular Japanese cuisine-based dishes, such as temakis and sushi, but operates with a fast food logistic and layout. Currently, Koni has 32 stores located in four Brazilian states and the Federal District.[1] Being easy to find in major cities within those states, Koni has become a very popular chain in Brazil, and was cited in a New York Times article, which said university students "have elevated it to a post-clubbing snack on a par with pizza."[2]

In 2010, Koni Store opened the first restaurant abroad in Lisbon, Portugal in the upscale neighborhood of Chiado. In December 2011, this store closed its doors.


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