Konica FT-1

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Konica FT-1 with electronic flash mounted

The Konica FT-1 was the last SLR to be built both under the Konica name and by Konica themselves. The FT-1 was introduced as an improvement on the earlier FS-1, changes included a different meter type (using silicon photodiode cells instead of the previously used gallium arsenide cells), improved quality of electronics, and a faster winder speed.

Various controls were moved around on the camera, including the ISO film speed setting, the on/off switch, and the self-timer. Newly added features are the exposure compensation knob and a switch to toggle between continuous (up to 2 frames per second) and single shot exposures.

It also came available with multi accessories: push button remote control up to 200 ft., less than 1 lux capture shutter, auto-manual,