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This article is about the former Dutch national mail company. For current PostNL's postal operation, see PostNL.
Koninklijke TNT Post BV
Limited liability company
Industry Postal service
Fate Demerged into two companies
Successor PostNL, TNT Express
Defunct May 2011
Headquarters The Hague, Netherlands
Owner TNT N.V.
Website tntpost.nl

Koninklijke TNT Post BV (Dutch pronunciation: [ˌkoːnɪŋkləkə teːɛnˌteː ˈpɔzd beːˌveː]) was the national postal company in the Netherlands, owned by TNT N.V. Until May 2011, it operated under the brand TNT Post and employed 75,000 people.


In 1989, the state-run enterprise PTT became Royal PTT Netherlands (Koninklijke PTT Nederland: KPN), and the company was incorporated. In 1993, mail offices were privatised, and KPN was listed on the stock exchange in 1994. In 1996, the Australian company TNT was obtained through acquisition, and KPN became a subsidiary of TNT N.V.[1]

On the eve of the new millennium, KPN was split to form two companies:[1]

  • a telecommunications company (KPN) and
  • a mail, express and logistics company (TNT Post Group: TPG).

Until 2002 the national postal service of the Netherlands was called PTT Post.

TNT Post became the new name of TPG Post on October 16, 2006. The old red TPG mailboxes were changed to the new orange TNT mailboxes throughout the country.

In May 2011, due to growing divergence of two major TNT N.V. divisions, mail and express, the company changed its name to PostNL, with demerging TNT Express.[1]



"Sure we can" has been TNT Post's slogan since 2010.

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