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Konkani cinema
Produced feature films (2013)
Total 45

Konkani cinema is an Indian film industry, where films are made in the Konkani language, which is spoken mainly in the Indian states of Goa, Maharashtra and Karnataka and to a smaller extent in Kerala. Konkani films have been produced in Goa, Karnataka, Maharashtra and Kerala.[1]

As of 2013, when the Indian film industry celebrated its centennial, a total of 45 feature films were released.[2] This was an increase over a total of 31 films made until 2009 as documented by Isidore Dantas in his book Konkani Cholchitram.

The first full-length Konkani film was Sukhi Konn produced by GMB Rodrigues in 1949 but was never released. Mogacho Anvddo, was released on April 24, 1950, and was produced and directed by Jerry Braganza, a native of Mapusa, under the banner of ETICA Pictures.[3][4] Hence, 24 April is celebrated as Konkani Film Day.[5]

Konkani film Paltadcho manis has been included in the world’s best films of 2009 list.[6]

Konkani films are eligible for the National Film Award for Best Feature Film in Konkani. The most commercially successful Konkani film (as of June 2011) is O Maria directed by Rajendra Talak.[7]

In 2012, the whole new change adopted in Konkani Cinema by introducing the digital theatrical film The Victim directed by Milroy Goes.[8]

Some old Konkani films are Sukhachem Sopon, Amchem Noxib, Nirmonn, Mhoji Ghorkarn, Kortubancho Sonvsar, Jivit Amchem Oxem, Mog ani Moipas, Bhuierantlo Munis, Suzanne, Boglantt, Padri and Bhogsonne. Ujwadu is a 2011 Konkani film directed by Kasargod Chinna and produced by KJ Dhananjaya and Anuradha Padiyar.

Numerous short films have been made in Konkani such as Cheddum...the Girl by Sharon Mazarello.

List of Konkani Movies[edit]

     Goan dialects      Southern Saraswat dialect      Mangalorean Catholic dialect      Mixed dialects

Year Movie Producer Director Notes
1950 Mogacho Anvddo Jerry Braganza Jerry Braganza The first full length Konkani film
1963 Amchem Noxib Franklin Fernandes Franklin Fernandes
1966 Nirmonn Franklin Fernandes A. Salam The film won two National Awards at the hands of India’s then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi.
1967 Sukhachem Sopon Jerry Braganza Jerry Braganza
1969 Mhoji Ghorkarn
1970 Kortubancho Sounsar
1971 Jivit Amchem Oxem
1975 Boglantt
1977 Mog ani Moipass United Youngsters of Mangalore brought out the first colored Konkani film
1977 Buierantlo Munis
1978 Tisri Chitt Produced in 1973
1980 Tapaswini GSB Mandal Amrit Prabhu
1980 Girestkai
1981 Jana Mana GSB Mandal Ramesh Kamath
1982 Suzane
1985 Zau Zau Teg Bhau
1988 Kazara Uprant Henry D'Silva Suratkal
1996 Bhogsanne Richard Castelino
2004 Aleesha Rajendra Talak Rajendra Talak National Award for Best Feature Film in Konkani at the 52nd National Film Awards
2005 Padri Frank Fernandes
2006 Antarnad Rajendra Talak Rajendra Talak National Award for Best Feature Film in Konkani at the 57th National Film Awards
2007 Zuzari Suhas Sawardekar
2009 Paltadcho manis NFDC Laxmikant Shetgaonkar This Film has been included in the world’s best films of 2009 list.
2009 Kazar Frank Fernandes Richard Castelino
2009 Jagor Damodar Naik Sangramsingh Gaekwad
2010 Tum Kitem Kortolo Aslo? Sharon Mazarello Sharon Mazarello Screened at Addis Ababa international film festival and Marbella International Film Festival, premiered at Kuwait[9]
2011 O Maria Rajendra Talak. The most commercially successful Konkani film
2011 Ujwadu KJ Dhananjaya and Anuradha Padiyar Kasargod Chinna
2012 The Victim Milroy Goes First Digital Theatrical Film
2013 Baga Beach Pramod Salgaocar Laxmikant Shetgaonkar Screened at International Film Festival of India and won a national award.
2014 Home Sweet Home [10] Swapnil Shetkar
2014 Gunnaji
2015 Nachom-ia Kumpasar Goa Folklore Productions Bardroy Barretto Crowd funded film, recipient of multiple awards
2015 Enemy A.D. Prasad Dinesh P. Bhonsle Won a national award
2015 Home Sweet Home 2 Swapnil Shetkar First Konkani Sequel Film
2015 Nirmon the Destiny Goa Folklore Productions Sripad Pai First remake Konkani film
2016 Ek Aslear Ek Na[11] Frank Fernandes Pradeep Paladka
2016 Juze [12] [13] [14] [15] Thin Air Productions, Kepler film, Cine Sud promotions, Three River Films, Films Boutique Miransha Naik First Konkani film to have an India-France-Netherlands co-production born out of the NFDC Film Bazaar, It's been picked for International sales by Films Boutique. It was premiered at 41st Hong Kong international film festival and currently taking other festival rounds. Release date is yet to be announced.
2016 Noxibacho Khell[16] Henry D'Silva Suratkal Harry Fernandes
2016 K Sera Sera – Ghodpachem Ghoddtelem[17] Gayatri Pednekar Rajeev Shinde
2016 Aa Vai Ja Sa[18] Ramesh Kamath First Konkani Children's film
2017 WELCOME M1LL10NS Manna Mohie Milroy Goes Film shoot in progress; release dates not yet announced
2017 Planning... Devachem [19] Severino Fernandes Rajesh Fernandes Audio released
2017 Oxem Zalem Koxem[20] Maxim Pereira
Vincent D'Souza
Maxim Pereira Shooting ongoing
2017 Sophiya[21] Janet Noronha Frank Fernandes Under Production
2017 Martin A.Durga Prasad Jitendra Shikerkar Releasing on 6th Jan 2017 in Goa
2017 Amizade (Friendship) [22] Sachin Verlekar Aniket Naik Filming is in process, release date not yet announced.


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