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Konqi's redesign contest winner

Konqi Konqueror is the current mascot for the KDE community, a small cheerful green dragon.[1] He appears in KDE software, and on many websites, including the KDE homepage. The name "Konqi" was chosen after Konqueror, the KDE web- and file browser. His creator is Stefan Spatz. Konqi appears in 3.x versions of KDE. In KDE 2.x, the mascot was a wizard called Kandalf, but Konqi also appeared in KDE 2.x on the KDE crash dialog.[2] The design was changed after a competition, with the creator of the new Konqi being Tyson Tan.[3] The competition winner's Konqi became used officially with the early releases of Frameworks and Plasma 5.


Katie, Konqi's girlfriend

The Konqi character has a girlfriend named Katie.[4] Katie is also the mascot of the KDE women's project.[5] Konqi and Katie made their costumed appearance at the KDE 4.0 Release Event in Mountain View, California, USA and Camp KDE 2010.[6][7] Her appearance was changed at the same time as Konqi's.


Kandalf, a wizard

Kandalf was the former mascot for the KDE community during its 2.x versions. He was subsequently replaced by Konqi, a green dragon, possibly due to copyright infringement issues related to Kandalf's similarity to the wizard Gandalf (from J. R. R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings).[citation needed]


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