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Konrad of Lichtenau (died 1240) was a medieval German chronicler from Swabia.

Konrad was born to a noble Swabian family and spent time at court, before he becoming a Premonstratensian in Rome at the court of Innocent III. In 1226, he became Abbot of the Ursperg Monastery in Bavaria, where he died.

Chronicon Urspergense[edit]

For many years, Konrad was believed to be the only author of the Chronicon Urspergense, a chronicle of world history for the time of King Ninus of Assyria to AD 1229. However, it has since been proven that the work was written in several parts by several different people.

The first part, which covers the period up to 1125, was written, in part at least, by Ekkehard of Aura; a continuation, from 1126 to 1225, was added by Abbot Burchard (d. 1230), who preceded Konrad as Abbot of Ursperg. Konrad himself continued the work to 1229 and made the final redaction. Later contributors, such as Kaspar Hedio, updated the chronicle down to 1537.

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