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Konstal 105Na
Zabrze Wolnosci Konstal 105 Na 379 22 11 2011 IMG 1418.JPG
Konstal 105Na in Zabrze
ManufacturerPoland Konstal
Entered service1979
Number built2134
  • 20 seats
  • 105 standing
Train length13,500 mm (44 ft 3 12 in)
Width2,400 mm (7 ft 10 12 in)
Height3,060 mm (10 ft 12 in)
Floor height890 mm (2 ft 11 in)
Maximum speed72 km/h (45 mph)
Weight17,000 kg (37,000 lb)
Power output4 x 41.5 kW (56 hp)
Track gauge
  • 1,435 mm (4 ft 8 12 in),
  • 1,000 mm (3 ft 3 38 in)

The Konstal 105Na are a class of Polish trams manufactured from 1979 to 1992 in workshops Konstal Chorzow, Poland. The narrow-gauge version is designed as 805Na. As of 2016 they are still the most common trams in Poland.


105Na is unidirectional motor tramcar, equipped with four doors.

It represents the development of the earlier tram Konstal 105N, the main changes being the location of the components of the electrical equipment which were transferred from under the steps to the back wall of the driver's cabin, the introduction of a separate cabin for the driver and the removal of the small windows under the front and side windscreens. The most important change was the introduction of motor grouping, which reduced the energy consumption by 12%. During initial acceleration, the four motors are connected in series, whilst at higher speeds, two groups of motors are connected in parallel.

While in service, the 105Na vehicles were the subject of various modifications and upgrades (including changes in the electrical system, new front plastic, change of the door opening mechanism, and even re-design, for Poznań, to the bidirectional Konstal 105NaDK). Almost all 105N cars in Poland have over time been modernised to the 105Na standard.

Other variants[edit]

The Konstal 105Na and 805Na trams provided the basis for the production of a large number of prototypes and variants:

  • 105Nb - new doors and bogies, 15 units built in 1988-1993
  • 105Nb/e - slightly modified electrical system, 6 units built in 1994
  • 105Ne - slightly thicker walls, 18 units built in 1993
  • 105Nf - modernized brakes and drivers console, 44 units built in 1994-1996
  • 105Ng - three doors, static converter and modified breaks, 2 units built in 1993 additional units obtained by modernizing 105Na
  • 105Nm - similar to 105Nf but with a static converter, 14 units built in 1996-1997
  • 105Np - static converter, single unit built in 1994
  • 105NT - thyristor based, 13 units built in 1985-1989, later converted to standard 105Na
  • 105Nz - thyristor based and asynchronous motor, 2 units built in 1997
  • 105N1k - similar to 105Ng but thyristor based, 3 units built in 1995
  • 105N1k2 - similar to 105N1k but with electrical systems from a different supplier, 60 units built in 1995-2000
  • 105N2k2000 - similar to 105N1k2 with a plastic front and rear, 36 units built in 2001
  • 106N - thyristor based, 7 units built in 1977-1987, later converted to standard 105Na
  • 106Na - thyristor based, 8 units built in 1991-1993
  • 805Nb - meter-gauge version of the 105Nb
  • 805NS - meter-gauge with new accelerator, 12 units built in 1984-1990
  • 111N - with doors on both sides - two 111N cars connected back-to-back could work as a bidirectional tram, 6 units built in 1993

Production numbers[edit]

The number of standard-gauge version 105Na vehicles produced is 1443 while the number narrow-gauge version, the 805Na, is 691.


These trams are used in all Polish cities which operate a tram system and they are the largest group in the stock.

Image Operator Number of 105Na in stock
Tram, Bydgoszcz, 1.4.2007 (Konstal 805N).jpg MZK Bydgoszcz 117
105Na estakada.JPG MPK Częstochowa 48
Elbląg Konstal 805N CAR 046 Aug 1990 - Flickr - sludgegulper.jpg ZKM Elbląg 21
Gdańsk pętla Strzyża i Konstal.JPG ZKM Gdańsk 115
Konstal1051.jpg MZK Gorzów Wielkopolski 18
188 Silesian Interurbans, 105N car, Chebzie-tunnels.jpg Tramwaje Śląskie 299
Konstal 805N, Legionów street, Grudziądz, Poland.jpg MZK Grudziądz 20
Krakow, tram Konstal n°825.JPG MPK Kraków 37
Łódź, tramvaj.jpg MPK Łódź 439
105Na RB1.JPG MPK Poznań 252 (35 Today)(Note: Being Replaced By Moderus Gamma Type)
Konstal 105Na 678, tram line 1, Szczecin, 2009.jpg Trams in Szczecin 2 + 12(after modernization)
805Na-215, Toruń, 2014-08-22 (Muri WK14).jpg MZK Toruń 55
Tunel WZ 2009 03.jpg Tramwaje Warszawskie 561
Wrocław, Tramwaje we Wrocławiu - fotopolska.eu (169188).jpg MPK Wrocław 350