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Chief marshal of the aviation Konstantin Andreevich Vershinin (Russian: Константин Андреевич Вершинин; 3 June 1900 – 30 December 1973) was commander of the Soviet Air Force from 1946 to 1949 and from 1957 to 1969. He was commander of the 4th Air Army in World War II, and for his actions, he was awarded the distinction of Hero of the Soviet Union in 1944. At the outbreak of the Bolshevik Revolution, he left his work in a sawmill to enter the Red Army. In 1929, he was summarily assigned to the Zhukovsky Air Force Academy located in Moscow.

In 1946 — Commander-in-chief of Air Force — Deputy Ministry of Defence of the USSR. He supervised the Air Force transition to jet era. Promoted to Marschal of Aviation (3 July 1946).

In September 1949 unexpectably lowed in grade and appointed chiefcommander of Baky PVO region. From June 1953 till May 1954 - commander PVO Forces He served as Commander of the Soviet Air Force from January 1957 to 1969. [Deputy Ministry of Defence of the USSR] Chief Marschall of Aviation (8.5.1959 г.). From March 1969 — in Group of General Inspectors of Ministry of Defence of the USSR.

Member of KPSS from 1919. Candidate for TsK KPSS in 1952—1956. Member of TsK KPSS from 1961 г. Deputate of Supreme Soviet of the Soviet Union II (1946—1950), IV—VII (с 1954) editions.

Lived in Moscow. Died after hard illness in December 30, 1973. Buried on Novodevichy Cemetery.