Konstantin Igumnov

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Konstantin Igumnov
Могила пианиста Николая Игумнова.JPG
Born(1873-04-19)April 19, 1873
DiedMarch 24, 1948(1948-03-24) (aged 74)

Konstantin Nicolayevich Igumnov (Russian: Константи́н Никола́евич Игу́мнов; May 1 [O.S. April 19], 1873, Lebedyan, Tambov Governorate, – March 24, 1948) was a Russian pianist and the teacher of many Russian pianists.


Igumnov studied under Nikolai Zverev, and at Moscow Conservatory under Alexander Siloti and Pavel Pabst. He took theory and composition courses from Sergei Taneyev, Anton Arensky and Mikhail Ippolitov-Ivanov. In 1898-9 he was pianoforte teacher at the Tiflis music-school of the Russian Music Society. From 1899 he was Professor at the Moscow Conservatory, where his life's work was carried out. He recorded 6 pieces on piano roll for the Welte-Mignon reproducing piano in 1910.[1]

Among his many students were Bolesław Kon, Oleg Boshniakovich, Naum Shtarkman, Elena Beckman-Shcherbina, Yakov Flier, Boris Moiseyevitch Berlin, Lev Oborin, Maria Grinberg, Andrzej Wasowski, Ryszard Bakst, Tengiz Amirejibi, Anatoly Nikolayevich Alexandrov, Natalia Satina (wife of Rachmaninoff), Aleksandr Iokheles, Bella Davidovich, Rosa Tamarkina, and the conductor Issay Dobrowen.

A four-record (LP) set of Igumnov's recordings was issued by Melodiya on 33C 10-05519-26.[2]

Honours and awards[edit]

Welte-Mignon Piano Rolls[edit]

  • Catalog no. 2061: Rachmaninoff - Prelude, Op. 23, No. 1, f#
  • Catalog no. 2062: Rachmaninoff - Prelude, Op. 23, No. 6, Eb
  • Catalog no. 2063: Scriabin - Sonata-Fantasie, Op. 19, No. 2, g#
  • Catalog no. 2064: Brahms - Intermezzo, Op. 118, No. 6, eb
  • Catalog no. 2065: Rachmaninoff - "Fantasy Pieces", Op. 3, No. 2, c#: Prelude
  • Catalog no. 2066: Arensky - By the Seashore, Op. 52, No. 4, Gb


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