Konstantin Posse

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Konstantin Posse
Born (1847-09-29)September 29, 1847
Died August 24, 1928(1928-08-24) (aged 80)
Nationality Russian
Alma mater St. Petersburg State University
Scientific career
Fields Mathematics
Institutions Odessa State University
Doctoral advisor Pafnuty Chebyshev
Doctoral students Veniamin Kagan
D. D. Morduhai-Boltovskoi

Konstantin Alexandrovich Posse (Russian: Константин Александрович Поссе; St. Petersburg, September 29, 1847 – Leningrad, August 24, 1928) was a Russian mathematician known for contributions to analysis and in particular approximation theory.[1] Veniamin Kagan and D. D. Morduhai-Boltovskoi were among his students.

Selected publications[edit]


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Further reading[edit]

  • Сергеев, А.А. (1997). Константин Александрович Поссе, 1847–1928. Научно-биографическая литература (in Russian). Moscow: Nauka. ISBN 5-02-003692-7. 

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