Konstantine (song)

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Single by Something Corporate
from the album Songs for Silent Movies
Released May 27, 2003
Format Compact Disc
Genre Alternative Rock
Length 9:36
Label Drive-Thru, MCA
Writer(s) Andrew McMahon

"Konstantine" is a song by alternative rock band Something Corporate. The song is the third track of their album Songs for Silent Movies, which was only released in Japan.


Although Something Corporate is no longer touring, fans of McMahon have been known to request the song while he toured with Jack's Mannequin and most recently under the moniker "Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness." In the past, McMahon refused to play the song, saying in an interview, "If I ever play it, I’ll have to play it forever, every night. If it weren’t such a big deal for me to play Konstantine, then I probably would play it. But the truth is, as soon as I bring that song out one time, I will never be able to walk through a venue, no matter what band I’m playing with or no matter where I’m at, and not have people chant and cheer for it.”[1]

On August 8, 2010, during a show at the Great Plaza at Penn's Landing in Philadelphia, Something Corporate performed "Konstantine". As McMahon sat at the piano, he prefaced the upcoming song by noting that it "has flown under the radar" for years, and that its popularity is due solely to the fans' passion for it. For this reason, prior to playing the opening measures, McMahon called Konstantine "a song for the people".

In apparent contradiction to his earlier interview, McMahon played Konstantine at every show he headlined in 2013.[2] However, he now only plays it on one day a year: November 11.[3]

Reference to other media[edit]

The line "It's to Jimmy Eat World and those nights in my car when the 'first star you see may not be a star.' I'm not your star" is a direct reference to lyrics from the song "For Me This is Heaven" from Jimmy Eat World's 1999 album Clarity.

Referenced in other media[edit]

This song is referenced in the song "I Think I'm Moving Forward" by the American rock band Real Friends.


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