Konstantinos Lagoumitzis

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Konstantinos Lagoumitzis (Greek: Κωνσταντίνος Λαγουμιτζής, 1781–?) was a Greek revolutionary during the War of Greek Independence (1821–1830), famous for his ability to dig underground tunnels during sieges.

Lagoumitzis was born in the village of Hormovo, near Tepelene in modern Albania, then Ottoman Empire. His real name was Dalaropoulos (Νταλαρόπουλος), but he was also called Hormovitis (Χορμοβίτης; from Hormovo), however he is mainly known as Lagoumitzis (sapper) due to his successful ability to dig underground tunnels (Greek: Λαγούμια Lagoumia) beneath the camps of enemies and blow them up.

His successes during the siege of Messolonghi, and the siege of the Acropolis (1826–27), made him famous. During these sieges, Lagoumitzis successfully countermined the Turkish besiegers.