Konstantinos Speras

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Konstantinos Speras
Born 1893 (1893)
Serifos, Greece
Died 1943 (aged 49–50)
Mandra, Greece
Known for 1916 Serifos strike

Konstantinos Speras (Greek: Κώστας Σπέρας, 1893–1943) was a Greek anarcho-syndicalist who later published his experiences in the 1916 Serifos strike. According to Chondromatides, he later he became a member of Greek National Socialist Party of George S. Mercouris.[1], though according to others he "[h]e fought with all his might for the emancipation of the working class, for an autonomous trade-union movement, for a society without slaves and bosses.(...) He was slandered, his work and actions were distorted and eventually he was murdered, along with dozens of other working class militants, in the name of the one and only ‘orthodox’ way to socialism."[2] During the Axis occupation, he was killed by Greek People's Liberation Army.[3]


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