Konstitucijos Avenue

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Konstitucijos Avenue
Konstitucijos prospektas Vilnius.jpg
Panorama of the Konstitucijos Avenue
Native nameKonstitucijos prospektas
Former name(s)Ukmergės, Justo Paleckio, Snipiska, Wiłkomierska, Вилкомирская, Повилейская[1]
Length1.2 km (0.7 mi)
LocationVilnius, Lithuania
Postal codeLT-01055, LT-03502, LT-08105, LT-08106[1]
Coordinates54°41′50″N 25°16′19″E / 54.69722°N 25.27194°E / 54.69722; 25.27194Coordinates: 54°41′50″N 25°16′19″E / 54.69722°N 25.27194°E / 54.69722; 25.27194

Konstitucijos Avenue (literally: Constitution Avenue; Lithuanian: Konstitucijos prospektas) is one of the most important streets of Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania. It is a street where most of the largest companies headquarters are based in the modern skyscrapers.[2] Europa Tower, the tallest building in Lithuania, and Vilnius city municipality building are located on the Konstitucijos Avenue.[3]


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