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Konstnärhuset, Stockholm

Konstnärshuset (literally Artists' House) is a building in central Stockholm, Sweden, which is owned by the Swedish Artists Association and is used as an art gallery.[1][2]

Built in the Moorish style in 1898, the building houses a collection of fine art. Carl Larsson (1853–1919) was the first chairman of the Artists Association which owns the building.[3]

Designed by Ludvig Peterson, the building was completed in 1898. The facade overlooking the street is finished in Portland limestone with intricate details, including wall openings, a crowning balustrade, clover-leafed windows and mosaics. The architecture is inspired by Italian and Spanish trends from the 16th century. The interior includes the entrance hall, a staircase and the richly stuccoed exhibition hall. The restaurant area consists of a dining room, a bar, and a banqueting hall decorated with wall paintings from a renovation in 1931. The entire building is decorated by the works of celebrated artists and craftsmen.[2]


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Coordinates: 59°20′1.1″N 18°4′28.03″E / 59.333639°N 18.0744528°E / 59.333639; 18.0744528