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Kontraplan was a talk show broadcast live on Croatian Radiotelevision between 2005 and 2007.

Its unique feature was that each guest was located in a separate studio set at a location which defined their background, such as their office or home. One guest as a rule shared the studio with the host to provide an objective, analytical role in the debate.

Author and host of show was journalist and TV producer Dubravko Merlić, who later won the Rose d'Or award for The Pyramid series in 2007.

Kontraplan was a controversial TV show with no limits set to selecting participants or subjects: the guests invited to the show often confronted each other's views on any of the chosen segments of public life, sports, or current affairs, collectively contributing to a different take on a subject.

The international embezzlement scandal involving allegations of money laundering through local branches of Hypo Alpe-Adria-Bank International bank was publicly talked about for the first time in Kontraplan.[citation needed]

Production team
  • Co-writer - Željko Matić
  • Journalist - Ana Jergović
  • Director - Danko Volarić