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Amadeus Award 2010 entree Kontrust.jpg
Background information
GenresNu metal, dance-pop, folk metal
Years active2001 (2001)–present
MembersAgata Jarosz
Stefan Lichtenberger
Gregor Kutschera
Roman Gaisböck
Manuel Haglmüller
Mike Wolff

Kontrust is an Austrian crossover band with a Polish frontwoman, formed in 2001 out of the ashes of Suicide Mission. The band is famous for wearing lederhosen and their lyrics are predominantly in English, though German and Slavic languages have also been incorporated into some songs.

In 2006 the band won the Austrian Newcomer Award, made their first music video for the song "Phono Sapiens" and played at the freeride- and snowcross-competition Vertical Extreme.

Their second album, Time To Tango, was released on June 19, 2009 in Austria. "The Smash Song" was the first single of the album. Their song "Bomba" landed them a spot in the Dutch charts and was the number one downloaded rock song on the Dutch iTunes Store.[1][2]

In 2010 Kontrust was awarded with the Amadeus Austrian Music Award (category Hard & Heavy).[3] [4] They played at the 2011 Przystanek Woodstock and were requested by Jerzy Owsiak to play "Bomba" a second time as an unscheduled encore. According to official information over 300,000 visitors saw Kontrust's performance making it the most attended gig of an Austrian artist up to now.[5]

On May 4, 2012 Kontrust released their 3rd studio album "Second Hand Wonderland" via Napalm Records. The album entered the Austrian charts on May 11 and peaked at number 25, where it remained for a total of two weeks. Singles released of the album included "Sock 'n' Doll", "Butterfly Defect" and "Hey DJ".[6]

On November 7, 2014 Kontrust released their 4th studio album "Explositive" again via Napalm Records. The album entered the Austrian charts on November 21 and peaked at number 42, where it remained for a total of one week. The first single released of the album was "Just Propaganda" [7]



# Title Year
1 We!come Home 2005
2 Time To Tango 2009
3 Second Hand Wonderland 2012
4 Explositive 2014


# Title Year
1 Teamspirit 55 (EP) 2001
2 Make Me Blind (EP) 2003
3 Phonosapiens (Single) 2006
4 Go (Single) 2008
5 The Smash Song (Single) 2009
6 Bomba (Single) 2009
7 On The Run (Single) 2010
8 Zero (Single) 2011
9 Czas na Tango (MP3 download) 2011


# Title Year Director Album
1 "Phonosapiens" 2006 Florian Neiss We!come Home
2 "The Smash Song" 2009 - Time To Tango
3 "Bomba" 2009 - Time To Tango
4 "On The Run" 2010 - Time To Tango
5 "Zero" 2010 - Time To Tango
6 "Sock n' Doll" 2012 - Second Hand Wonderland
7 "The Butterfly Defect" 2012 - Second Hand Wonderland
8 "Hey DJ!" 2013 - Second Hand Wonderland
9 "Just Propaganda" 2014 - Explositive
10 "Dance 2016 - Explositive


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