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Kooboo LLC
Yardi Technology Limited
Founded Xiamen, China (May 7, 2008 (2008-05-07))
Founder Guoqi Zheng
Headquarters Xiamen, China
Number of locations
China, United States, Netherlands
Area served
World wide
Products Kooboo CMS, Kooboo Mail, Kooboo MTA
Owner Guoqi Zheng (CEO)
Website kooboo.com

Kooboo LLC is an international software and web development firm.[1] Kooboo has three headquarters one in Xiamen, China, one in Los Angeles, California, and the other within the Netherlands.[2] Kooboo's founder, CEO, and Co-author of Kooboo E-mail marketing software,[3] is Guoqi Zheng.


Guoqi Zheng (Chinese: 郑 国旗)started the company in 2008 and released the company's first product in 2009. The company's original product was an open source version of a web CMS and was released on CodePlex.[4] So far, the company's three main products are Kooboo CMS,[5] Kooboo mail,[6] and Kooboo MTA.[7] Kooboo is currently a partner with the company RB2,[8] which is located in the Netherlands.[9]

Guoqi Zheng


  • Kooboo Mail is a web based E-mail marketing and surveying tool and doubles as a self hosted E-mail marketing software. Its initial release name was Kooboo Communicator in 2010, but is now known as Kooboo Mail since the domain name kooboomail.com was used in 2012.[12] The operating system for Kooboo mail was written using ASP.net MVC with MSSQL and MongoDB.
  • Kooboo MTA is a distributed SMTP. The development of Kooboo MTA is based on .NET Framework version 4.0, which allows for multi-server distributed deployment.


Early versions of the open-source Kooboo CMS software were licensed under GPL. Beginning with version 4.0, Kooboo is licensed under the Revised BSD License.[13]


The CMS supports modules and plug-ins, several of which are available for download from Codeplex. Users can also create their own plug-ins.[14]

Kooboo CMS
Kooboo 4.0 Dashboard
Initial release January 2011 (2011-01)
Stable release 4.3 / February 3, 2014 (2014-02-03)
Development status Active
Operating system Windows
Type Content management framework, Content management system, Community and Blog software
License BSD License
Website kooboo.com


Based on ASP.NET, Kooboo CMS is an Enterprise Level CMS; and offers the following features:

  • Simple Inline editing
  • Custom content type
  • Content broadcasting and sharing
  • Content workflow management
  • Media library
  • Full text search
  • Role based user management
  • SEO and tracking
  • Multi-site and multilingual solutions
  • Multichannel publishing
  • Version control
  • High performance and scalable
  • Custom Extensions development
  • Asset relation management
  • Incremental deployment
  • A/B testing
  • Works with XML, MSSQL, SQLCE, Raven DB, MongoDB, and MySql

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