Koombooloomba Dam

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Koombooloomba Dam
Location 34km West of Tully, Queensland
Coordinates 17°50′07″S 145°36′18″E / 17.8353°S 145.605°E / -17.8353; 145.605Coordinates: 17°50′07″S 145°36′18″E / 17.8353°S 145.605°E / -17.8353; 145.605
Type reservoir
Basin countries Australia
Surface area 15.5 km²
Average depth 12.9 m

Koombooloomba Dam is located 39 km south, south east of Ravenshoe. The dam was constructed in 1960 on the Tully River system for hydroelectric power generation. It has a surface area of 1550 hectares, has an average depth of 12.9 metres and holds some 200 700 mega-litres.

Koombooloomba Hydro Power Station is a dam release point situated on Koombooloomba Dam. The power station was commissioned in 1999. Its location on Koombooloomba Dam in Far North Queensland's Wet Tropics World Heritage Area finally put into use infrastructure established when the dam was constructed in 1960.[1]

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