Kootenay Loop

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Kootenay Loop
Kootenay Loop.JPG
Location Kootenay St at E Hastings St
Vancouver, British Columbia
Coordinates 49°16′53″N 123°01′35″W / 49.281362°N 123.026252°W / 49.281362; -123.026252Coordinates: 49°16′53″N 123°01′35″W / 49.281362°N 123.026252°W / 49.281362; -123.026252
Operated by TransLink
Bus routes 8
Bus stands 8
Bus operators Coast Mountain Bus Company
Connections Translinkbus.svg 95 B-Line
Other information
Fare zone 1
Opened August 20, 1950

Kootenay Loop is a major public transit exchange in Vancouver, British Columbia. Opened on August 20, 1950, it is the eastern-most major exchange in the city of Vancouver with routes servicing East Vancouver, Downtown Vancouver, Burnaby, North Vancouver and the Tri-Cities.[1]

Structure and location[edit]

Kootenay Loop is located on East Hastings Street, at the intersection with Kootenay Street. It is less than 100 metres from Vancouver's border with the city of Burnaby. It is just a few minutes away from the Pacific National Exhibition grounds and the Second Narrows Bridge to North Vancouver. It is several minutes west of the Burnaby Transit Depot, which houses the public transit buses for Burnaby and is the base of operations for the 99 B-Line.

The exchange can handle regular-length diesel buses, articulated buses and electric trolley buses. Part of the exchange is on Hastings Street itself, with the other part (where the trolley buses go) separated from regular traffic. It is also one of the power stations for the trolleys.

It used to be for the Street Car trolley turnaround as there were no electric cars into Burnaby after 1949. There was a small cafe in the centre until the mid-1950s.[citation needed]


Route # Destinations Notes
14 UBC
  • Evening trips do not operate to/from Kootenay Loop.
27 Joyce Station
28 Joyce Station
Phibbs Exchange
Capilano University
  • Operates to Capilano University during peak hours September-April
95 B-Line Burrard Station
130 Metrotown Station
Phibbs Exchange
Capilano University
160 Port Coquitlam Station
N35 Downtown
  • Night Bus
C1 Hastings at Gilmore
MacDonald at Albert

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