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CourseBreakfast or lunch
Place of originTamil Nadu, India
Region or stateTamil Nadu
Main ingredientsMillet flour (Kezhvaragu or Cumbu), noyee

Koozh is the Tamil name for a porridge made from millet. It is commonly sold by street vendors in Tamil Nadu.

In Tamil Nadu and other places, koozh is consumed as breakfast or lunch. Koozh is made from Kezhvaragu or Cumbu flour and broken rice (called noiyee in Tamil) in a clay pot. Koozh is a vegetarian recipe though there are non-vegetarian Koozh made from fish, crab and chicken, it is commonly served in road side vendors in the south Tamil Nadu. Koozh is usually made in large batches and gives a sour tang flavor if fermented. The semi-solid koozh is later liquefied for consumption by adding water and salt and, optionally, buttermilk, onion, curry leaves and coriander leaves. It is served with side dishes including green chilis, raw onion, pickles and mango spiced with red chili pepper and sometimes with Karuvattu Kozhambu meaning Dry Fish Gravy. The microbes present in koozh demonstrated their probiotic nature in vitro.When compared with other similar genetic sequences, strains were from fermented foods, agriculture, livestock and feces widely distributed in Eurasia.

Koozh without fermentation is served hot often consumed at Mariamman temple festivals across rural Tamil Nadu. It is made in Large Quantities and served to Public in Amman Temples across the city in Lieu of Aadi Thiruvizha which takes place during the Tamil Month Aadi.

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