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Kopeika store in Yuzhnoye Butovo District.

Kopeika (Копейка) was a Russian retail chain that collapsed as a result of the Great Recession.

Kopeika was founded in 1998 with 38 stores.[1] The grocer gained wider prominence when it was taken over by the ill-fated Yukos oil giant in 2002.[2] On the latter's demise a controlling stake was sold to NIKOIL.[3] In 2006 50% was sold on to another local chain by which time there were 267 stores and 4 distribution centers.[4]

In 2010, Kopeyka was acquired by competitor Pyaterochka, part of the X5 Retail Group, for $1.65 billion.[5] By the end of 2011, 616 Kopeyka stores had been rebranded and 44 stores had been shut down.[6]


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