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Studio album by Megaherz
Released July 12, 1998
Genre Neue Deutsche Härte, industrial metal
Length 55:30
Label ZYX Music
Producer Andi List & Yogi Lang
Megaherz chronology
Wer Bist Du?

Kopfschuss (eng. "Headshot") is the second full-length studio album by the industrial metal band Megaherz. It was released in 1998 on ZYX Music.

The first track, Liebestöter brought the album most of its popularity abroad. The album features a cover of a Falco song, Rock Me, Amadeus, and continued Megaherz's tradition of having one song per album based on a fairy tale with the track Rappunzel, which alludes to the story of the same name. The track Freiflug reuses lyrics from the song Spring in die Schlucht from the Herzwerk album.

The album was re-released in the US in 2005 as II (read as "Two" or "Zwei") with the handgun removed from the album art. The resulting effect appears as if the clown is reaching for a fist bump.

Track listing[edit]

  1. Liebestöter ("Love killer[1]") - 4:51
  2. Kopfschuss ("Headshot") - 4:19
  3. Herz aus Stein ("Heart of stone") - 4:04
  4. Miststück ("Bitch[2]") - 3:30
  5. Burn - 1:37
  6. Rappunzel ("Rappunzel") - 3:58
  7. Blender ("Fraud") - 4:19
  8. Jordan[3] - 3:39
  9. Freiflug ("Free flight") - 4:58
  10. Meine Sünde ("My sin") - 3:39
  11. Teufel ("Devil") - 5:00
  12. Schizophren ("Schizophrenic") - 3:34
  13. Rock Me, Amadeus - 3:26
  14. Liebestöter (Rock-Club Mix) - 4:26

^ Liebestöter ("Love-killer") a pun on the German word for unattractive underwear.

^ "Bitch" is a slightly inaccurate translation in that Miststück is a non-gender-specific insult, though the context of the song makes it clear that the Miststück is a female. Miststück literally means "piece of crap".

^ Jordan is named for the expression "to cross the Jordan" (a river in the Levant), meaning "to die".


  • Alexander Wesselsky - Vocals
  • X-Tian - Guitar
  • Wenz - Bass
  • Frank Gergele - Drums, Percussion
  • Noel Pix - Guitar, Keyboards & Programming
  • Andi list - Additional Programming on Burn
  • Yogi lang - additional Programming on Burn