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Kopparbergs Brewery is a Swedish brewery and cider company based in Bergslagen.

Kopparberg Cider[edit]

Kopparberg Cider is made by Kopparberg Breweries in the town of Kopparberg in central Sweden. Established in 1882, the brewery is family owned and is the main employer for the tiny town of just 4,000 people. Kopparberg Breweries AB is Sweden's largest cider brewing company.

Kopparberg UK[edit]

Kopparberg's cider was introduced in 2003 to the UK by B O Times1 Limited[1] with the Pear and Apple variants. Between 2003-2007 listings with pub groups like Wetherspoons as well as being sold at IKEA stores were achieved. As the Brewery had made it a "policy of not having contracts" with distributors in various countries it was relatively easy to take over the already established accounts and take the brand to the next level. With this view, Cider of Sweden Ltd. (C.O.S. Brands) was established as a joint venture between the CEO and Irish drink magnate, Barry Connelly.[citation needed]

Originally launched in apple and pear cider variations, non-alcoholic pear cider and cider with mixed fruit were added in late 2007.[2] It is now available in many variants (Pear, Sweet Apple, Mixed Fruit, Strawberry & Lime, Rhubarb, Blueberry & Lime. Elderflower & Lime, Raspberry, Naked Apple, Spiced Apple (Apple & Cinnamon), Alcohol Free Pear Cider, and Alcohol Free Mixed Fruit Cider, plus Summer Fruits and Winter Fruits. Now available lemon & lime lager.


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