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The Koppin was a cyclecar built in Fenton, Michigan, by the Koppin Motor Company in 1915. The Koppin was a two-seater cyclecar that used a two-cylinder air-cooled De Luxe engine of 1.2L capacity. It came equipped with a friction transmission. The vehicle was priced at $385. The Koppin Motor Company was the successor to the Fenton Cyclecar Company, the car called the Signet in early advertising.

Oscar Howick, who had earlier worked for Packard, was the designer of the Fenton. The company was organized by auto salesman George Jenks. When Jenks died on March 23, 1914, within two months the company was reorganized by H.S. Koppin, who also owned an empty factory that production was moved to. The vehicle was renamed the Koppin Model A Roadster and the company name became the Koppin Motor Company. Koppin carried on until the end of 1914 when the company was dissolved.


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