Kor Royal Cup

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Kor Royal Cup
Organising body Football Association of Thailand
Founded 1916
Folded 2016
Country Thailand Thailand
Domestic cup(s) Thai FA Cup
Most championships Air Force Central
(11 titles)

Kor Royal Cup (Thai: ถ้วยพระราชทาน ก. ; ถ้วย ก.) or in old name Yai Cup (Thai: ถ้วยใหญ่) (Changed the name in 1963) was the highest level of club football competition which competed in the tournament in Thailand from 1916-1995. It was founded by Football Association of Thailand in 1916. Department of Performing Arts was the first team that won this competition.

In 1996, Thai League 1 was formed by the Football Association of Thailand to act as the top professional football league in place of Kor Royal cup. For this Reason, Kor Royal Cup has been adapted to be the trophy contested annually between the champions and the runners-up of Thai Premier League up to 2009.

Since 2010, the trophy has been changed to be annual super cup competitions at the beginning of each season between Thai League 1 champions and Thai FA Cup champions. From 2017 onward, the national Super cup competition between the champions of Thai League 1 and the those of Thai FA Cup has become Thailand Champions Cup.

Since 2016, After Somyot Poompanmoung won the election and became the president of the Football Association in February 2016, the new Association decided to promote the Kor Royal Cup trophy from the Super cup to be the reward of the Thai League 1 champions. The Kor Royal Cup has returned as the top level trophy again since it was the highest level of club football competition which competed in the tournament in Thailand from 1916–1995, But in the end of season he decide not to used this trophy for the reward of the Thai League 1 champions.

Championship History[edit]


The trophy is contested in an annual match between the champions of the Thai League 1 and the champions of the Thai FA Cup.

Year Winner Scorers Score Scorers Runner-up
2010 Muangthong United Koné Mohamed 67'
Dagno Siaka 81'
2 – 0
Thai Port forfeited due to crowd riots
Thai Port
2011 Chonburi Suree Sukha 65'
Ekaphan Inthasen 85'
2 – 1 Christian Kouakou 88' Muangthong United
2012 Chonburi Adul Lahsoh 45'+
Ludovick Takam 90'+
2 – 2 CFC on pens Theerathon Bunmathan 31'
Frank Acheampong 33'
Buriram United
2013 Buriram United Ramsés Bustos 2 – 0 Muangthong United
2014 Buriram United Jay Simpson 79' 1 – 0 Muangthong United
2015 Buriram United Diogo Luís Santo 57' 1 – 0 Bangkok Glass
2016 Buriram United Diogo Luis Santo 14'
Andrés Túñez 65'
Jakkaphan Kaewprom 83'
3 – 1 Adisak Kraisorn 78' Muangthong United


The trophy contested in an annual match between the champions and the runners-up of Thai Premier League
(may be adjusted the competition form in some seasons).

Season Winner
2009 Chonburi
2007 Chonburi
2006 Osotsapa
2004/05 Thailand Tobacco Monopoly
2003 Krung Thai Bank
2002 Krung Thai Bank
2001 Osotsapa
2000 BEC Tero Sasana
1999 Thai Farmer Bank
1998 Sinthana
1997 Sinthana
1996 Royal Thai Air Force


The top level of club football competition.[1]

Season Winner
1995 Thai Farmers Bank
1994 Bangkok Bank
1993 Thai Farmers Bank
1992 Thai Farmers Bank
1991 Thai Farmers Bank
1990 Port Authority of Thailand
1989 Bangkok Bank
1988 Krung Thai Bank
1987 Royal Thai Air Force
1986 Bangkok Bank
1985 Port Authority of Thailand
1984 Bangkok Bank
1983 Royal Thai Army
1982 Raj Pracha
1981 Bangkok Bank
1980 Raj Pracha
1979 Port Authority of Thailand
1978 Port Authority of Thailand
1977 Raj Vithi
1976 Port Authority of Thailand
Season Winner
1975 Raj Vithi
1974 Port Authority of Thailand
1973 Raj Vithi
1972 Port Authority of Thailand
1971 Raj Pracha
1970 Raj Pracha
1969 Raj Vithi
1968 Port Authority of Thailand
1967 Bangkok Bank
Royal Thai Air Force
1966 Bangkok Bank
1965 Royal Thai Police
1964 Bangkok Bank
1963 Royal Thai Air Force
1962 Royal Thai Air Force
1961 Royal Thai Air Force
1960 Royal Thai Air Force
1959 Royal Thai Air Force
1958 Royal Thai Air Force
1957 Royal Thai Air Force
1956 Hainan Association of Thailand
1955 Chula-Alumni Association
1954 Hakka Association of Thailand
Season Winner
1953 Royal Thai Air Force
1952 Royal Thai Air Force
1951 Chai Sod
1950 Cancelled
1949 Assumption Academy
1948 Bang Rak Academy
1932-47 Cancelled
1931 Thailand Post
1930 Assumption Academy
1929 Suankularb Wittayalai School
1928 Suankularb Wittayalai School
1927 Kong Dern Rot
1926 Kong Dern Rot
1925 Cancelled
1924 Royal Thai Naval Academy
1923 Royal Thai Naval Academy
1922 Royal Military Academy
1921 Royal Military Academy
1920 Chulalongkorn University
1919 Vajiravudh College
1918 Vajiravudh College
1917 Vajiravudh College
1916 Department of Performing Arts

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