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Panair Korab.jpg
Korab mountain range
Highest point
Peak Mount Korab
Elevation 2,751 m (9,026 ft)
Prominence 2,169 metres (7,116 ft)
Coordinates 41°47′25″N 20°32′48″E / 41.79028°N 20.54667°E / 41.79028; 20.54667Coordinates: 41°47′25″N 20°32′48″E / 41.79028°N 20.54667°E / 41.79028; 20.54667
Countries Albania and Republic of Macedonia
Mountain type Range
Type of rock Limestone

Korab (Albanian: 'Mali i Korabit', Macedonian: Korab/Кораб) is a mountain range in Albania and the Republic of Macedonia. The highest peak is Mount Korab 2,751 m (9,026 ft), which is the highest point of both countries.[1] In Albania the range is also called the Vargu Lindor (Eastern range), but this term usually encompasses mountains further north, such as Koritnik and Gjallica.


The Korab range stretches through the Dibër region (de) for over 40 km (25 mi) in a north-south direction, between the river valleys of the Black Drin and its tributary the Radika. It is located near the tripoint of Albania, Macedonia, and Kosovo, southwest of the Šar Mountains. The ridge which forms the Albanian-Macedonian border almost entirely exceeds 2,000 m (6,600 ft) in height. The valley of the Drin lies around 400 m (1,300 ft) to the west, the bed of the Radika at about 1,000 m (3,300 ft). The range is part of the remaining range of the Balkan lynx.[2]

In addition to Mount Korab, there is another peak, almost as tall as it. To the north of this double-peak there are many other nameless peaks of a similar height. Korab-Pforte (Maja Portat e Korabit/Mala Korapska Vrata) lies around 2 km (1.2 mi) southwest of Mount Korab and is almost as tall as the main mountain, at 2,727 m (8,947 ft). A few hundred meters further south, there is another peak, Maja e Moravës, which is 2,718 m (8,917 ft) high.

South of the complex of peaks around Mount Korab, there are other large mountains: Mali i Gramës (2,345 m (7,694 ft)) and Dešat's Velivar summit (2,375 m (7,792 ft)). After that, the range falls away to the city of Debar and the Debar Lake.[3] The city of Peshkopi is to the southwest of Mali i Gramës and has geothermal baths.


The word "Korab" is originally Slavic and refers to a pre-Christian sea god. Because the mountain range forms the eastern border of Albania, it is also known in Albanian as Vargu Lindor (Eastern Range). But this usually refers to the entire 70 km (43 mi) long mountain range on the east bank of the Black Drin, from Koritnik to Kukës. In scholarship, the Korab range and the Šar mountains are together referred to as the Šar-Korab-Massif.

During the Balkan Wars the region was involved in active combat, and the risk of landmines is still present.[4] In the border area, which saw battles between the Macedonian army and Albanian separatists until very recently, smuggling took place.


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