Korake ti znam

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Bosnia and Herzegovina "Korake ti znam"
Eurovision Song Contest 2012 entry
Finals performance
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Final result
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Appearance chronology
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"Ljubav je" (2016) ►

Korake ti znam (English: I Know Your Steps) is a song by Bosnian pop-ballad singer Maya Sar. It was the Bosnia and Herzegovina entry at the Eurovision Song Contest 2012 in Baku, Azerbaijan.[1] There is also an Italian version "Passi Che Fai" and an English version "The Steps I Know" of the song.

"Korake ti znam" premiered 15 March 2012.[2] The song progressed from the second semi-final into the Eurovision Grand Final where it finished in 18th place out of 26 participants. Sar managed to acquire points from only 9 countries out of 41, including 10 points from Croatia and Turkey, but did not receive the maximum 12 points from any country. It was Bosnia and Herzegovina's worst result in the Eurovision final since 1997.

The song was featured on the track-list of her 2013 debut studio album Krive riječi.[3][4][5]

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