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Korangi Road is one of the best and widest roads in the city of Karachi. It connects low-income areas like Korangi and Landhi to the wealthier parts of Karachi (Defence Housing Authority, Clifton, Saddar, and PECHS).

Korangi Road starts at the Korangi Creek Cantonment, passes through the Hino-Chowk at Qayyumabad (one of the busiest roundabouts of Karachi, as the traffic from Karachi Port to Korangi Industrial Area passes through it) and ends at the Finance and Trade Centre (or Gora Qabristan), Shara-e-Faisal.

The 3.2-kilometer-long road has 3+3 lanes for large vehicles but 4+4 small vehicles can run side by side. There are also two parallel service roads of 3 lanes.

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