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Union councils of Korangi Town
Union councils of Korangi Town
Country Pakistan
Province Sindh
City District Karachi
Established 14 August 2001
Union Councils
 • Type Town Council
 • Town Nazim Muhammad Arif Khan
 • Naib Nazim Muhammad Asghar Qureshi
 • Municipal Officer Dr. Mukhtar
Population (1998)
 • Total 546,504
Office Location ST1/3 Sector 4/B.Korangi 2½, Karachi.
Website Korangi Town Page

Korangi (Sindhi: ڪورنگيUrdu: کورنگي‎)is a town in the Karachi district of Pakistan.[1] It attained the status of a town following a local government reorganisation in 2000.[2] The town houses mixed population of Sindhi, Urdu speaking Muhajir, Pashtuns and Gilgiti & Balti people. A large number of the illegal migrants of Bihari, Bengali and Burmese origin also inhabit the town.

Neighbourhoods of Korangi Town[edit]

Note: The town of Korangi should not be confused with Korangi neighbourhood in neighbouring Landhi Town.

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