Korea Army Academy at Yeongcheon

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Korea Army Academy at Yeongcheon
Motto Country,honor,valor (Korean: 조국,명예,충용)
Type Military academy
Established October 15, 1968
Superintendent Major General
Seo, Jeong Yeol (KAAY)
Location Yeongcheon, Gyeongsangbuk-do, South Korea
Colors Green , Red
Mascot HoGuk
Website www.kaay.ac.kr
Shoulder sleeve insignia
Korean name
Hangul 육군3사관학교
Hanja 陸軍三士官學校
Revised Romanization Yukgun sam sagwan hakgyo
McCune–Reischauer Yukkun sam sakwan hakkyo

Korea Army Academy at Yeongcheon or KAAY is a Republic of Korea Army institution for the undergraduate education and military training of officers. It is located in Yeongcheon, a South district of Gyeongsangbuk-do, South Korea. The academy trains only junior and senior cadets. The current superintendent of the Academy is Major General JeongYeol Seo.

Cungsungdae (Korean: 충성대, Hanja: 忠誠臺) is another name of the academy.


The campus is located in Gogyeong-Myeong, Yeongcheon-Si, Kyeongpuk-Province, South Korea. The official address of KAAY is 425 Hogou-ro, Yeongcheon-Si, Keyongpuk-Province, South Korea 38900. The campus visit is open to public during the weekends. Foreigners need to notify the academy at least a week ahead and need to obtain permission from the academy in order to enter the campus.


KAAY actively engages in exchanges with nearby US military units including USAG Daegu, 19th ESC, and Camp Mujuk.

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