Korea General Magnesia Clinker Industry Group

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Korea General Magnesia Clinker Industry Group
Revised RomanizationHuicheon Ryeonha Gigye Jonghap Gongjang
McCune–ReischauerHŭichŏn Ryŏnha Kikye Chonghap Kongjang

Korea General Magnesia Clinker Industry Group is a mining and heavy industrial corporate group headquartered in Pyongyang, North Korea.[2] The company produces magnesia clinker, slightly burnt magnesia, chlorite, firebricks and fireproofing materials.[3]

The group imports some raw materials and some mining and industrial accessories.

Jong Mo Pang, a manager, is listed as a contact person to purchase items from this company.[3]

In 2010, Vesuvius USA Corporation received a licence, from Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), to import dead-burned magnesite into the United States from the Korea General Magnesia Clinker Industry Group.[4]

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