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The KITA (Korea International Trade Association) (Korean: 한국무역협회, Hanja: 韓國貿易協會) is a private non-profit organization founded in 1946 with 105 traders as its founding members. It is one of Korea's largest umbrella economic organizations and has more than 65,000 member firms, representing almost the entirety of Korea's international trade community.

KITA’s activities include support for overseas marketing and investment, promotion of international cooperation, provision of trade information and research, training of international trade specialists, and trade related consulting (including arbitration of trade disputes and policy recommendations for the government).

KITA runs the Korea World Trade Center (KWTC), commonly known as COEX, which includes two large office complexes, the Trade Tower and ASEM Tower. The KWTC has a number of subsidiaries and affiliates, including the COEX Convention & Exhibition Center and COEX Mall. KITA owns KTNET (Korea Trade Network) (KR: 한국무역정보통신) which is the National Paperless Trade Platform or Single Window (uTradeHub) operator and e-commerce infrastructure (such as Certificate of Authority issuing Digital Certificate) related service provider.

In May 2012, KITA announced major renovation plans for the COEX Mall. It will spend ₩180 billion to the upgrade project. The renovation is needed to create passenger walkways between the new COEX Station on Seoul Subway Line 9, due for completion in 2014, with Samseong Station on Line 2. It is scheduled to start at the end of 2012 and for completed by November 2014. The floor space is expected to increaed to 173,025 square meters from its current 152,116 square meters.[1]

Main activities[edit]

  • Promotion of international trade and investment
  • International trade facilitation
  • Trade information and research services
  • Education of international trade specialists

Areas of activity[edit]

Business networking and dispatch of trade and investment missions with commerce organizations worldwide

  • Business matchmaking, including on-line matching services
  • Organization of international trade exhibitions and fairs


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