Korea Maritime Institute

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Korea Maritime Institute
Hangul 한국해양수산개발
Hanja 韓國海洋水産開發

The Korea Maritime Institute (KMI) is a think tank and research center developing South Korean policies on marine affairs and fisheries, operated by the South Korean government through the Office of Government Policy Coordination. KMI was established under its current name in 1997, though expanded from a research center created in 1984 specializing in shipping economics.[1]

KMI is organized into five research divisions as of 2011:

  • Marine & Coastal Policy Research Department
  • Shipping, Port & Logistics Research Department
  • Fisheries Policy Research Department
  • Marine Territory and Industry Research Department
  • Fisheries Outlook Center

and has two overseas centers:

KMI is headquartered in Mapo-gu, Seoul,[1] having a staff of about 180.[2]


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