Korea Media Rating Board

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Korea Media Rating Board
Hangul 영상물등급위원회
Revised Romanization Yeongsangmul Deunggeup Wiwonhoe
McCune–Reischauer Yŏngsangmul Tŭnggŭp Wiwŏnhoe

The Korea Media Rating Board (KMRB) is a ratings organization in South Korea. They rate movies, videos, stage performances, and phonogrames. The current chairperson is Kyung-Soon Lee. It was founded in 1966 as "South Korea Art and Culture Ethics Committee" before changing into current name in 1999.

Initially, the KMRB also rated video and computer games; However, they rated a gambling game machine called Sea Story (Bada Iyagi) as if it were an ordinary game, due to a bribe, confusing the Korean game industry.[1] After some controversy, the Korean government established the Game Rating Board for rating games in 2006.


There are five ratings used by the KMRB:[2]

  • ALL (ages)
  • 12-year+ (people below 12)
  • 15-year+ (people below 15)
  • Teenager restricted (below 19 prohibited, also known as 19-year+, 19+ [3])
  • Restricted (same as Teenager restricted, but limits release to "special theater" venues[3])

Ratings are determined on films, videos, stage performances, and advertising. Stage performances have been rated ALL, Teenager restricted, or not rated. Advertisements have generally been rated ALL or not rated.[2] The media that is rated includes:

  • Nationally produced movies
  • Foreign movies
  • Advertisements on:
  • previews
  • posters
  • newspapers
  • notice boards

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