Korea National Assembly Proceeding Hall

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Korea National Assembly Proceeding Hall
The Korean National Assembly Building in Yeouido, Seoul
Revised RomanizationGukhoe uisa dang
McCune–ReischauerKukhoe ŭisa dang

The National Assembly Proceeding Hall (Hangul국회의사당; Hanja國會議事堂; RRGukhoe-uisadang) is the South Korean capitol building. It serves as the location of the National Assembly of the Republic of Korea, the legislative branch of the South Korean national government. It is located at Yeouido-dong, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul.


The current building was completed in 1975.[1] Before 1975 the South Korean government used the General-Government Building. The plenary chamber has seating for 400 people, ostensibly in preparation for new lawmakers in case Korean reunification occurs.[2]

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  2. ^ "The National Assembly, a witness to the Korean political history". KBS World. The plenary meeting room taking up three floors is fan-shaped. The Speaker’s chair is situated in the center or the narrow part of the room and the lawmakers’ seats fan out from there. The seats are movable and the room is big enough to accommodate 400 seats just in case the unification of South and North Koreas calls for more representatives.

Coordinates: 37°31′55.21″N 126°54′50.66″E / 37.5320028°N 126.9140722°E / 37.5320028; 126.9140722